the 2024 aramex dubai to muscat offshore race

The Aramex Dubai to Muscat offshore race is the longest running major keelboat event in the region. The 31st edition of this historic event is set to take place in 2024.

A classic passage event covering 360 nautical miles, the course takes the boats from the relatively shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf to the deep waters of the Indian Ocean, passing through the famous Straits of Hormuz, with the final leg taking a south easterly route across the Gulf to Muscat, the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman.

The Aramex D2M is recognised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC).

Race Organisers

The Organising Authority for the 2024 Aramex Dubai to Muscat Offshore Sailing Race is the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (“DOSC”) in conjunction with the United Arab Emirates Sailing and Rowing Federation (“UAE SARF”). The race headquarters will be hosted at DOSC.

Event Objectives

1. Create a top level offshore sailing event for the regional sailing community.
2. Provide a sporting challenge by encouraging local sailors to prepare, train, and maintain their boats while improving their knowledge and experience.
3. Promote the sport of sailing to a wider audience in the UAE.
4. Promote DOSC locally and internationally.
5. Promote Dubai, UAE and Muscat, Oman as sporting destinations.

Expect Everything

Variable weather conditions during the ‘rainy season’ include steady winds, squalls, storms, light breezes, strong tides, rocks and islands to navigate in the Straits of Hormuz and marine traffic to avoid in the busy shipping lanes. Smaller local boats, fishermen and pots to manage along the coastal course. Difficult tactical decisions to master the ever changing winds generated by the unique geography, the surrounding mountains and the ever present Arabian sunshine


The first race was held in 1992 and has been held annually with only a few exceptions. 2024 will mark the 31st edition of the race.

Aramex Dubai to Muscat Offshore sailing race | Race Record

To date, the race records stands at one day, 19 hours, 52 minutes and 41 seconds. This record was achieved in the 2014 race Diablo, skippered by Douglas Hassell.