Dear Muscat Race Skippers,

With the recent Oman border closures and hotel quarantine requirements, combined with the current Covid situation in UAE, it is now no longer practical to plan to hold the Dubai to Muscat Offshore Race in its standard format.

At present, we still hope to hold a long distance sailing event on the weekend of 26th March, 2020. We have received approval from the UAE General Authority for Sport for the D2M, albeit with a few conditions that we still need to fulfil such as approval from the Dubai Covid Crisis committee and the lifting of the current event ban.
Therefore, we have two options under planning for a Shortened Course D2M as a two-night sailing challenge:

Preferred Option: Mini D2M, Dubai to Musandam.

  • Sail up to Musandam and around ‘Jazirat Musandam’ and through the ‘Gap’, then back to Dubai.
  • Distance 220 nm. Duration 48+/- hours.
  • Dependencies:
    • Requires support from the Oman Authorities to enter Oman territorial waters and from UAE authorities on the customs and immigration.
    • Stopping in the Musandam and going ashore will not be permitted except for emergency situations.
    • EPIRB’s are NOT compulsory.

Long distance race within Dubai and Northern Emirates.

  • Depart from DOSC on Thursday afternoon, 25th March 2021.
  • Sail a course that is designed for race boats to finish Saturday morning and cruising boats Saturday afternoon.
  • Dependencies: The current event ban in Dubai to be lifted.

If you are interested in participating in either shortened course option please notify us by email on  and  so that we can have an indication of numbers. 

We will make a final decision in early March on which, if any, option can be arranged. This decision will of course be reliant on how the Covid situation develops and clarity on whether the event ban will be eased for late March or kept in place.

Best regards,

Devrim Anadol